Welcome to Market Place Commodities

Market Place Commodities is licensed and bonded through the Canadian Grain Commission


View the above YouTube videos of the staff at Market Place Commodities Ltd.  This will include the traders and merchants in Lethbridge office that are buying and selling feed grain, milling wheat, pulse crops and oilseeds commodities.  Also meet our logistics and administrative staff that take care of your grain and commodity movement, accurate and timely purchase and sales settlements.

427 40th Street South

Lethbridge AB  T1J 4M1


Market Place Commodities Ltd is an independently owned and operated merchandising company located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada that is committed to serving Western Canadian farmers and livestock producers.  Listen to our latest daily market report.

MPC has offices at two locations: Main office is in Lethbridge, Alberta, while the second office is located in  Bentley, Alberta approximately 30kms northwest of Red Deer.

MPC is actively trading commodities grown and produced by farmers across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to co-products produced by ethanol and bio fuel plants in the US Corn Belt and Western Canada.

Our goal is to provide marketing services to the agriculture and processing industries, starting from those who produce the commodities to those who process the commodities. We feel that the need for both vendors and customers is marketing which means access to true price discovery, solid pricing options, having the ability to either mitigate risk or take on risk, ability to lock in profits, and ensure timely movement of commodities.  We believe that our combined experience and knowledge of the industry make us a unique company. We strive to provide our clients the best marketing service possible!