market place commodities

We trade cereal grains, oilseeds, pulse crops, co-products, proteins pellets, feed ingredients.  Services we provide include:

Effective Price Discovery:  Combination of multiple bids/offers in the cash market along with the underlying futures markets, CBOT, MGE, KCBT, ICE.

Ingredient Procurement: We trade ingredients for livestock feed, petfood and some human grade products.

Contracting Options:

1.      Delivery Contracts:

2.      Pricing Contracts:

Efficient Grain Movement:  Timely and organized pickup and delivery as per contracted agreement.  Professional logistics department to assist in all aspects of scheduling, directions, loading, grading and unloading.

Accurate and Prompt Settlements:  Two fold, purchase and sales settlements.




















Other products we provide are:
- Camelina Meal
- Canola
- Canola meal
- Corn
- Corn DDG’s
- Fababeans
- Flax
- Grain screening pellets
- Hard red spring wheat
- Hard red winter wheat
- Lentils
- Limestone
- Malt sprout pellets
- Oats
- Peas
- Screenings
- Soybeans Spelt



The above products and services are provided in the U.S and Canada in California, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Montana, as well as British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.

Our more specific locations in Alberta are Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer areas.