The reality TV celeb admits she was upset by how she looked

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Valentino Handbags He works with drapes and sculptural forms, lines and three dimensional embroideries. Silhouettes were a mix of sari inspired gowns and ghagras in hues of watermelon red, holy orange, neon yellow and vintage rose. The reality TV celeb admits she was upset by how she looked when she was snapped in a blue bikini by a pool last year and decided to shake up her fitness regime.Now the 31 year old has got in shape and is launching new home workout programme Fi7ness by Jessica Wright to help others get toned.”I have struggled with my weight and fitness regime for my entire life. I had a lack of motivation and determination which made me feel like I never achieved my true fitness potential,” she explained.”Last year, I had pretty bad pictures taken of me Valentino Handbags.