About Us

Each individual at MPC is exceptionally capable and passionate at each of their respective areas of expertise. Please meet our staff at Market Place Commodities by reading the information and clicking the pictures below.

Our Traders

Jim Beusekom
Jim Beusekom: Areas of expertise are producer/end user pricing strategies, including use of futures and options. Commodities: traded range from standard feed grains such as barley, wheat, corn, to protein and energy co-products such as corn ddg’s and grain screening pellets. Serving feedlot and feed buyers and sellers in Lethbridge area, also known as feedlot alley and through the rest of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Western Canada. Click Jim’s picture to watch his video.

Allen Pirness
Allen Pirness: Import and export of commodities in Lethbridge, Alberta, and including Saskatchewan, Manitoba;  US States include North & South Dakota, Minnesota, Idaho, Washington and California which will cover most of the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest. Commodities and feed grains range from barley and wheat to milling rye, oats, wheat dried distillers grain, corn dried distillers grain and protein pellets. Click Allen’s picture to watch his video.

Matt Beusekom


Matt Beusekom: Trading feed ingredients including but not limited to wheat, barley, corn, rye, oats, triticale, peas and ddgs. Buying and selling in most parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Click Matt’s Picture to watch his video.


David Lea
David Lea: Trading feed ingredients, barley, wheat, oats, corn, rye and triticale. Areas served include but are not limited to, Lethbridge, Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton in Alberta.  Also cover most of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and US states.  Click David’s picture to watch his video.

Vera Buziak
Vera Buziak: Buying and selling feed barley, feed wheat and feed oats, export barley, milling wheat and milling oats, feed peas, feed lentils, screenings, wheat cracks and various other commodities across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and into the northern United States. Click Vera’s picture to watch her video.

Shaun Smith: Trading feed ingredients, barley, wheat, oats, corn, rye, lentils, peas, triticale and feed by-products. Also trading Organic grains. Buying and selling in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba.

Our Administration Staff

Linda Smith
Linda Smith: Manages all aspects of administration ranging from accounts payable, financials, payroll, vendor and customer service. Click Linda’s picture to watch her video.

Mike Van Dyk: Logistics Coordinator. Mike takes care of the logistics here at MPC dealing with scale tickets and weights as well as scheduling, pick up/drop off information and unload/load information. Click Mike’s picture to watch his video.

Betty Kurinka: Customer service: invoicing, credit checks, accounts receivable. Click Betty’s picture to watch her video.

Katie Link: Receptionist – Greeting customers, filing, posting invoices, inputting scale ticket data,  border paperwork and international export documents.